Stanley Kubrick Hedge Simulator 2014


Click to play THE SHINING

Click here to play Stanley Kubrick’s Hedge Simulator 2014

“REALLY COOL!” – Lisa & Louise Burns (The Shining twins)

I’ve been learning Unity3D recently and decided to map the Overlook Hotel’s maze as a retro inspired FPS. The maze is solvable and is accurate to the film’s matte painting version where possible. The maze changes layout every time it appears in the film. The maps, scale model, set and Jack’s viewpoint of the Overlook Maze all have different layouts. I assume this disregard to continuity was intentional. The largest maze is that of the matte painting and this is the one I have built. You start in the middle and there is only one exit.


V 0.1a released 15th March, 2014

With thanks to david_is_neato for sharing his chunky pixel code. See his post here